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Stuff about Sky Edit

Ok, so we know that you guys have heard of Sky's obsession of Kawaii, so we plan on telling you about our "little collection". But Sky doesn't know about any of this. Let us tell you our names. Jackie and Jennalyn, Riley, Autumn,and Kylie. Now let us tell you some things Sky DIDN't include in her self intro. She loves Neon and pastel, Zipper bracelets, and her heart is made of gold, (last one is a lie but she is super sweet!) She is a pro at Corpse party, she told you about it but never said she was an expert. And we all agreed on one thing, that Yuuya Kizami is super Hot,yet creepy.

Vocaloid Violent Lips Edit

Hey Sky, can I ask you a question? It's Jackie, have you ever wondered, why can't Vocaloids have lip tattoos! Violent lips! Because if we wear them, why can't they?! Because what if they like wear it to match their own style, it would be perfect for music right?

♥Is Japan perverted?♥ Edit

Lovehugs (talk) 18:35, July 31, 2014 (UTC)Jennalyn♥ So, have you ever wondered why Japan is so perverted? Because in animes, they include so many panty shots and mini skirts. *nose bleed* but other people make theyre own vocaloid porn, too! It makes no darn sense! Btw, I'm using your account Taylor!

Do you think Vocaloids have birth marks or tattoos!? Edit

Am I the only one who thinks this, but, do you wonder if Vocaloids had their own tattoos or birth marks? It would be likely for Black Rock Shooter since she's..DARK. Could it be possible?~Anonymous

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