Neru example 1
Neru Akita has A lovely shade of golden for the color of her hair, it is long and straight, like Hatsune Miku's, but slightly shorter and wavy, she wears a blue scrunchy in her hair to form a side ponytail. She has golden eyes that match her theme.

She wears a heather gray sleeveless collared shirt, with yellow lining. She wears a yellow tie and a golden tag ,like any other Vocaloid. She wears a black pleaded mini skirt with yellow lining, with biker leggings, that we're also black that are above her knees. She wears a golden zigzag garter that holds her phone ( since she has the title of " The Queen of Cellphones ". She wears solid black knee boots, and she wears yellow lining with golden wedges.

Neru example 2

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