Miki has copper-colored hair that is long and curved at the end, with a strand sticking out at the top. Her eyes are the same color of her hair, sometimes, she wears a blue furry hat that has a pink star on each side that is traced with a circle shown in this picture. It also expands across her armpits as a vest or such. Miki has a robotic theme, on her arm you see lines and she is like a robotic doll or something her dress is Snow White that has a navy blue star at the top center, her dress is sleeveless that has lining with navy and copper stripes. Her dress has navy wire themes, it's like a bubble dress. She wears a copper and navy flying belt with a circle that says "R2". She wears copper and navy striped gloves with flying cuffs with copper star planted in them. She has white boots with navy blue lining.
Miki 2

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