These are the English lyrics for this vocaloid song.

" oooooooooooooooooooooOOOOOh! "

A female ninja but I want to love

Nanananananana, 1,2,3,4! Nanananananana, 5,6,8,10!

Dojo class I'll skip another bye bye!

15 years yet a newbie at this girl ninja thing!

Master, not a single make sense in all of this!

" Yes, Yes! "

Mother always said this to me!

" Being a ninja means you can't be girly! "

With that said, my younger days were NEVER really much fun :(

Then, then, then !

A night's festivity,

Never had I seen a boy as cool as he! (OMG!)

Red, red, red!

And deep inside of me,

It beat, you see,

And started to break free!


I want and wanna love, but NO it's not allowed!

" It's not fair, I don't care! Just let me do what I want! "

" Stop this! " and " Quit that! "

Your making me freak out!

You know what isn't cool?

All these stupid rules!

What to do with me and you time to set this feeling free?

This I think as I watch you from hole secretly!

Can I really hide inside and under lock and key?

Ninja girl, I am though, fall in love with me!

Nananananananan 1,2,3,4

Nananananananan 5,6,8,10!

Peekin' what me? Whatcha' saying?

15 years yet an obvious ninja girl,

If I keep this up, I won't get any jobs any more!

" Hey, hey! "

Gatekeeper, have you been working out?

Maybe open that big door there for lil' ol' me?

Geez, why isn't it working?!

I can't even use this face for my own good

" laaaaa, "

A merchant's daughter seeing me denied

With a "My,my,my"

Came running to my side,

Quietly, she whispered with a smile...

" Oh so, that's why! We're rivals now, you and I! "


I love and want to love but foes are ever near!

Wanna dice through them all, with the cut cut all be done!

Can I really hide inside and under lock and key?

Ninja girl, fall in love with me!

Suddenly, came a secret message written for me!

W-widening and in surprise, my eyes couldn't believe what it read.

Seek out and kill! He was my target like any other,

How could it be? Why was I the? My mind is running with panic!

What do I do? I never knew I'd ever pick or choose?

But I faltered on the job, I knew that it would be my end!

Father, mother, finally I know now,

What I really have to do,

Made up, my mind!

I love and what to love, but no it's not allowed!

It's the fate that my life is destined to pursue!

" Stop this! " and " Quit that!" Your making me freak out!

You know what isn't cool?

All these stupid rules!

Underneath the harvest moon!

I know the time is soon!

Flipping walls, I appear right before you now,

O happy daggers I have hidden, set me free!

(Echo) ninja girl I am though fall in love with me!

ninja girl time to love in a ninja way!!!!!!!!!!

Nanananananananananana 1,2,3,4!

Nanananananananananana 5,6,8,10!

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